Friday, 25 November 2011

Justin Bieber takes paternity test

Teen idol Justin Bieber says he has taken a paternity test to prove he did not father a child with a 20-year-old woman -- as she was said Wednesday to be ready to have her baby DNA tested.
And the Canadian singing sensation says he kept his clothes on for the test.
"It's pretty crazy. People make up false accusations. It's gonna happen, being in the spotlight," the 17-year-old told the Late Show with David Letterman on CBS.
The talk show host empathized with Bieber, saying he "saw red" when he read about the accusations by Mariah Yeater, adding: "I could smell a weasel."
"I can smell a weasel, too," replied Bieber.
Bieber told Letterman that he had taken a DNA test to prove he hadn't fathered a child with Yeater, adding that it involved doctors taking a swab sample from his mouth.
"Is there disrobing?" Letterman asked jokingly, to which Bieber, initially perplexed, replied: "No, no, I don't think so!"
Yeater, who gave birth to a baby boy in July, had claimed that she and Bieber met backstage at a concert in October last year in Los Angeles, where they had sexual relations that left her pregnant.
The TMZ celebrity news website reported Wednesday that Yeater will submit her baby for DNA testing.
Her lawyer Jeffrey Leving told TMZ that the young woman can't wait to compare baby Tristyn's DNA with Bieber's.

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